Portable Moving and Storage Insurance and Equipment Damage Waiver

Protect The Possessions In Your U-Box.

Safestor Mobile Insurance™ protects your belongings from unexpected and unforeseen damages or losses in transit or while stored at your U-Box storage facility. Damage or loss caused by events that are beyond anyone’s control can occur at anytime. And while your U-Box storage facility takes precautions to provide a safe and secure storage environment, the storage facility is not responsible for damage or losses to your stored items. For that reason, we offer Safestor Mobile Insurance, an affordable option specifically designed to protect the possessions of U-Box customers.

Why Should I Purchase Safestor Mobile Insurance?

This optional coverage is primary to your homeowner/tenant insurance policy in case of loss or damage to goods while stored in your U-Box. That means Safestor Mobile Insurance pays first! Coverage begins when your U-Box is picked up from your premises and ends when it is returned or your rental contract is terminated, whichever comes first. Safestor Mobile Insurance does not cover damages or losses incurred while the U-Box is at your residence or drop-off location. Check with your homeowner/tenant insurance agent for coverage in place of or available while your U-Box is in your possession. Damage or loss caused by improper packing/shifting during transit or intentional acts is not covered. Safestor Mobile Insurance does not cover: money, credit cards, other securities, bills, property deeds, stamps, jewelry, watches, furs, precious stones, art, antiques, or motorized vehicles. See Certificate of Coverage for full details.
(Protection of your stored possessions from damage or loss is your responsibility.)

How Do I Purchase Safestor Mobile Insurance?

When you make your reservation tell your representative that you want the security of Safestor Mobile Insurance, including the amount of protection you need. It’s that easy!
Safestor Mobile Insurance is not liability insurance and is optional if you can provide proof of coverage for your possessions. Safestor Mobile Insurance coverage is underwritten by Repwest® Insurance Company, Phoenix, AZ.

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